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Guinness Cork Jazz Gathering Festival

The annual Guinness Cork Jazz Festival is about to celebrate its 35th year. Running from the 25th – 28th October in Cork City, the festival is now recognised as the best jazz festival in Europe!

The Ivers Clan Gathering Celebrations!

The Gathering 2013 can definitely be credited with making events happen. Take the Ivers Clan Gathering for instance. How many times do families say to one another ‘we all need to meet up’ or ‘lets arrange something’, but of course, with busy work lives, family commitments and Irish emigration, it just never happens. But with the Gathering 2013 taking place in Ireland this year, it was the perfect opportunity to organise a family reunion.

The Westport Music Festival – The Gathering 2013

As part of The Gathering 2013, The Westport Music Festival, running between the 13th and 15th July, promises to be a fantastic celebration for all the family to enjoy. Now in its eighth year, the festival is a firm favourite with locals, the Westport Diaspora and visitors alike.

My Personal Highlights of Staying in a B&B in Ireland

As a travel writer, cultural activist and enthusiastic walker, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit many parts of Ireland. Some of my fondest remembered travel trips and walking weekends include staying in a B&B home. I’ve also come to realise that the majority of B&B owners are very interesting and outgoing people in their own right. The personal experience of staying at a B&B has always enriched my visit to an area and left me with many fond memories.

Experience the Authentic Hospitality of an Irish B&B

In a modern world where impersonal service seems to have accompanied large scale convenience in both the retail and hospitality industry, it’s comforting to know that B&B’s continue to provide a popular option for visitors to Ireland.

Vale of Avoca Welcome Home Week – The Gathering 2013

The Vale of Avoca Welcome Home Week is a week long festival celebrating the works of national poet Thomas Moore, along with the mining heritage in Avoca.  The festival is running from the 20 – 30th of May and it is hoped that people with Avoca roots will return to the area for the celebrations.

Seeking Your Irish Ancestry

Ireland combined global diaspora comprises of an astonishing 70 million people with over 50 million Americans claiming “Irish“ as their primary ethnicity. It is therefore only natural that many visitors of Irish descent want to find out more about their roots and trace their family trees when they come to holiday in Ireland. The Gathering 2013 will be a great time to visit as there are a number of community events being organised throughout Ireland to help people discover more about their family surname and facilitate personal ancestry research.

B&B Ireland announce winner of Gathering Photo Competition

Announcing our winner – Caroline Aubeuf

To celebrate The Gathering 2013 B&B Ireland launched a competition with the grand prize of a trip to Ireland for 2 people. We would like to thank our sponsors for their wonderful contributions to the prize!

A Brief History of Ireland’s Diaspora

If someone ever decides to colonise the Moon or Mars in the future, then there is a very strong possibility that an Irish person will be among the first pioneers. There seems to be a wanderlust gene in Irish people stretching back from Saint Brendan the Voyager, who many believe was the first European to set foot on North America soil. Then there‘s that other ocean voyaging Kerry man, Tom Crean, one of the earliest and toughest Antarctic explorers. Other famous explorers of Irish descent include Scots-Irish frontiersman Davy Crockett and astronaut Michael Collins, who was Command Lunar Pilot for the historic Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. Moonwalker, Neil Armstrong, also had Irish ancestry.  

Why So Many Irish People Long To Return Home

There is simply no straight forward explanation as to why so many Irish people long to return home. For someone with no connection to Ireland, this longing may even seem wildly irrational. Yet many Irish people, the world over, continue to hold a deep love and attachment to their native land. Many of Ireland’s most famous folk songs are an emigrants lament for their old homeland such as ‘My Heart is in Ireland’, ‘The Homes of Donegal’, and ‘Forty Shades of Green’. Irish airports are thronged each Christmas with tens of thousands of emigrants returning for the traditional homecoming holidays. Now Ireland is holding The Gathering 2013 year long festival which will  encourage people who left Ireland’s shores to make a return visit home, if only for a week or two.